Why are CALAquaria’s glass aquariums superior?

Because we build in quality from the bottom up.

We’re proud of the excellent quality of our custom glass aquariums, constructed by expert glass craftsmen and built to last. Offering everything from professional design services to expert installation on-site, CALAquaria is your one-stop shop for top-quality glass aquariums.

Quality construction starts with the best foundation.

We construct our glass aquariums with an integrated, cushioned bottom that protects the tank from external pressure points potentially caused by high points in the aquarium stand. That means there’s no need to place a heavy tank on top of a Styrofoam sheet in an attempt to even out the weight distribution. Thanks to our technique, the aquarium bottom rests on an even plane throughout, distributing the weight evenly across the entire base of the tank. (Other tank manufacturers’ designs sit directly on metal frames, which means the frame takes all the weight, causing uneven distribution.) And because we also incorporate plywood into the base, moving and adjusting our aquariums is not only safer, but easier—our process virtually eliminates any chance of chipping the bottom during transport.

Glass Aquarium End Seam

Proprietary adhesive provides superior bonding.

CALAquaria’s proprietary bonding system eliminates any possibility of silicone skinning prior to the assembly of glass. This process ensures that only raw, uncured silicone comes into contact with the glass panels, providing the strongest and most complete adhesion to the glass surfaces. Another benefit is the even distribution of the silicone throughout the entire seam. That, combined with ensuring the proper thickness of the material, allows the maximum strength and flexibility of each joint and guarantees that the glass pieces never come into contact with each other.

Consistent thickness of panels provides additional strength.

We check to be sure that our end panels and glass bracing are always the same thickness as the front and back panels. Other manufactures use thinner end panels because it‘s cheaper, claiming that, technically, the glass can withstand the pressure. However, by taking this shortcut, they are decreasing the overall area of the joint, thereby reducing its strength. Shortcuts aren’t something we believe in here at CALAquaria.

Polished smooth for stronger joints.

All glass panels, including bracing, are flat polished with a minimal arris to ensure the maximum amount of flat surface area in each joint. This step further increases the strength of each joint.

Double bracing where it counts.

All our tanks have internal bracing around the perimeter of the bottom, doubling the strength of the bottom joint in the area where the water force creates the greatest pressure.

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