For creative New York artist, the CALAquaria difference is crystal clear

fish bowl at 157th street

Artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s piece, installed on 157th Street in Manhattan, features a giant, acrylic fishbowl fabricated by the experts at CALAquaria.
Kathy’s works are sponsored by the Broadway Mall Association and on display through 2018.

When New York-based artist Kathy Ruttenberg first imagined her art concept, which would require a giant fishbowl, she had no idea where to turn to get the custom piece manufactured. Due to its large size, most acrylic fabricators aren’t able to build such an object. Fortunately, she connected with Dave Safir, sales manager at CALAquaria. From concept to completion, Dave and his custom acrylic fabrication team worked with Kathy every step of the way to ensure the finished fishbowl was exactly what she wanted.

Because the art work depicts emotional interaction between the mermaid and the goat-man, Kathy wanted the fishbowl to be totally transparent. Also, it had to withstand the elements, including the harsh effects of UV light. When she learned that CALAquaria has a proprietary acrylic adhesive, CrystalView®, that’s color-stable and resists yellowing, she was thrilled, and even more hopeful of achieving her artistic goals. Once the fishbowl was delivered and integrated with the milled urethane foam seashell, ceramic mermaid and cast-bronze goat-man,” Kathy thanked Dave, “For simplifying the process and making it all happen, with little drama and excellent results!”

The fishbowl is just one of her series of six sculptures on display, collectively titled “In Dreams Awake.” For more photos and information, see the New York Post article featuring Kathy’s “strangely beautiful” creations.

Call Dave Safir today at 909.930.2791 to discover how CALAquaria can make your acrylic dreams come true.

Take a peek behind the scenes at CALAquaria’s factory during construction of the fishbowl for Kathy Ruttenberg’s art installation.

cnc pins

CNC pins are mounted to the front face of the tank to provide anchors for attaching the exterior sculpture’s arm and hand.

tank inspection

A CALAquaria team member performs the final inspection of the tank’s interior.

Completed ‘Fish Tank’ prior to wrapping and packaging for transportation.

CALAquaria’s fabrication team poses with the completed Tank just prior to packaging.

The piece is carefully packaged in protective film and corrugated cardboard.

The palletized tank is loaded onto a semi-trailer for shipment to New York.